Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water applications have emerged recently as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning and abrasive blasting techniques that use harmful chemicals and make waste disposal a challenge.

We are a certified assembler of Parker UHP hose assemblies.  With pressures as high as 55,000 psi, it is essential that these hoses are built with exacting precision to ensure they are capable of handling the extreme environments of water blasting, water cutting and other high pressure applications.

UHP Applications For Your Industry

UHP technology has proven to be a safe and effective tool for a variety of applications in multiple industries, including:

Parker's Energy Products division specializes in the manufacturing of ultra high pressure fluid components.  AFP supplies an extensive offering of hose, fittings and accessory products for specific fluid handling applications across many industries.

Some of the most common uses of UHP hose assemblies by our clients are:

Surface Preparation

UHP water jetting is becoming the standard in removing rust, mill scale and other contaminants from steel surfaces (particularly those more susceptible to corrosion due to environmental factors, like ships and other marine vessels) before being painted or having a coating applied.

Where traditional abrasive blasting methods can create excess waste in the form of blast particulates and removed paint or rust, water jetting with ultra high pressure hoses results in a clean surface and smooth profile to ensure coating applications are effective and long-lasting.

Water Cutting

In combustible environments or in areas where heat may distort products, the use of ultra high pressure water cutting can provide an effective, safe alternative to torch cutting.  UHP water cutting is also frequently used to bore holes or create precise breaks without contaminating materials with chemicals, abrasive grit or other debris.

Safety Is Key In UHP Applications

With the immense pressure our hose assemblies are placed under, it is essential to ensure the proper safety precautions are taken during assembly.  Parker has designed each component of the hose assembly with precise engineering and quality standards to ensure each component will meet the extreme conditions in which these components will be used.

We take the utmost care when putting together our UHP assemblies to extend the life of your hoses and mitigate the risk of damage and user injury.  You can rest assured that your hoses are built to perform and built to last.  You can learn more about the benefits of UHP applications by
contacting us today!






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