Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions For Your Business

Allow AFP to manage the inventory and stocking needs of your business for you with our Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) programs. We manage storeroom bins and replenish the inventory at multiple OEMs and customers throughout Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. 

Benefits Of A VMI Program Through AFP

We enjoy developing strong relationships with our customers, and increased communication is just one of the many benefits your company will enjoy with our VMI solutions. We're dedicated to delivering timely communication and precise replenishment of your frequently used materials to ensure you never have to worry about being out of stock when you need one of the components we are managing.

Here are some other advantages of taking part in a VMI program through AFP:

Inventory Monitoring

Never being out of stock means downtime and waiting for parts is a thing of the past. AFP will monitor your inventory levels to ensure you never run out. Whenever you are running low on a particular product or component, AFP will replenish your supply before it's too late.

Efficient Order Processing

Don't miss out on having a complete inventory due to not knowing what you have in stock. By allowing AFP to monitor and manage your inventory, you can rest assured your inventory will be complete and organized. This will drastically increase the speed of processing your order and ensuring you have the inventory you need.

Flexible Inventory Management

Not having to worry about checking your storeroom bins will help alleviate stress about whether you'll have every item in your inventory available. We analyze purchasing trends at your company and are also aware of planned maintenance. This allows for AFP to continually adjust your inventory to meet your needs.

Get Started With Vendor Managed Inventory

If you are interested in setting up a VMI program for your stock room, contact us today and we'll speak with you to understand the specific solution your company needs. We're excited to build a lasting relationship of trust and efficiency with you.







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